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Store hours may vary. Please check the Oxford Wildcat Booster Club Facebook page for current hours.

Copy of Wildcat-boosters-no-reflecrtion.
Copy of Wildcat-boosters-no-reflecrtion.
Copy of Wildcat-boosters-no-reflecrtion.

Thank you

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The Oxford Wildcat Booster Club was founded in 1972 by Helen Smith and other community members as a way of supporting and celebrating Oxford High School Athletics.  The group is a non profit focused on our Wildcat athletes.  

This organization cannot operate without people.  Our Board has expanded to include more Executive officers and more supporting Directors providing leadership opportunities for those who seek it.  It cannot be stated enough that we need people. People to run this organization and people to support our teams by running concession stands and working on teams.  It can be hard work, it can be fun work, but in the end, it is always work for the students. Every penny goes to support the kids in some way. If you have given your time – We Thank You!  If you would like to give more, we would greatly appreciate it. Please contact a current Board member to find out how you can help.  





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